Smart Test performs court-ordered drug testing to exacting standards. We understand you need accurate and timely results. We provide court-ordered drug tests that are error-free, adhere to all applicable regulations, and are professionally and courteously collected.


Smart Test provides Boston drug testing that meets the standards of any court. We offer a range of drug specimen types, including urine, saliva (oral fluids) and hair follicle. We have established relationships with all major drug testing laboratories (Quest Diagnostics, MEDTOX, LabCorp, Alere, etc.) and can provide drug testing panels tailored to a client’s individual case. Call us today to consult with our staff in downtown Boston.

Child Custody Court Ordered Drug Tests

Oftentimes it is not uncommon that individuals involved in a child custody case may be required to submit to some from of drug testing.  The main goal of the courts is to protect children and ensure they are not at risk when under adult care. 

Drug testing results are often used to prove or disprove, an individual’s fitness as a parent and may be taken into account to determine an initial custody agreement. 

Spouses may be requested to submit to a one-time-only court-ordered drug test, random on going  drug tests for a specific period of time, or testing prior to enjoying visitation rights.

Whatever your drug testing requirements may be, Smart Test offers drug testing services that comply with court ordered drug testing requirements.  

Customized Drug Testing

Smart Test locations are able to customize drug testing services in order to meet the conditions of most court orders.

In some cases a judge requests court-ordered drug tests to be administered randomly or with a specific drugs.  Our certified staff can assist with any questions and ensure the administration of your drug test accordingly. 

Court-ordered drug tests can present a stressful situation for all involved, which is why our locations are dedicated to providing convenient service and highly accurate results every time.