DNA Testing Boston

DNA Testing Starting At $199

Smart Test Boston provides DNA testing in the heart of downtown Boston’s north end.  Our DNA testing services utilize certified DNA collection specialists and a Nationally accredited AABB laboratory to analyze all DNA samples.  These laboratory accreditation’s along with our trained and certified collection specialists, will help ensure the highest accuracy and integrity of the DNA testing results.  If you need a DNA test simply walk in or call us at 617-977-5615.

Our DNA testing services can be used to satisfy U.S. Immigration requirements, conducting ancestry research and can be used in maternity or paternity cases.

We know there may be many options when it comes to DNA testing services but our DNA tests are reliable, defensible and are always collected with strict adherence to protocols that ensure accuracy.

Smart Test delivers results for DNA tests very quickly. While paternity tests collected elsewhere can take several weeks process and while popular DNA testing services for ancestry can take up to eight weeks, Smart Test is proud to provide results in under a week. DNA testing in Boston is now faster, more accurate, secure and confidential.

Legal Vs. Non-legal DNA Testing

When you need to schedule a DNA test regardless of the purpose, Smart Test recommends always utilizing a legal DNA test procedure for current or future use. If you plan on using the results for any official manner a legal DNA would be your only option because it follows strict Chain of Custody DNA test procedures which insures that the DNA test results can be used in a legal proceeding.

If you are simply needing a reliable result not to be used in any legal matters, them a non-legal DNA test will provide the results, but cannot be used in any type of legal matter.

A legal DNA test requires that all  parties must present a valid form of identification, photographs will be taken of all parties proving the DNA sample, legal guardian documentation and or birth certificates of any minor children may also be required. These DNA test protocols followed in a legal DNA test insure that should the DNA test results be used in a legal proceeding, the chain of custody is carefully followed and no challenge to the results can be successfully made.

DNA Testing Starting At $199

Legal DNA Tests Can Be Used For

  • Modification of Birth Certificate
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • Wills/Insurance
  • Immingration

What is a DNA test?

A DNA test is a procedure where a trained and certified collection specialist will collect a saliva sample which is analyzed to determine if exact biological characteristics exist in one person’s DNA and if those exact same DNA characteristics in another person’s DNA profile. Each human being contains different DNA markers that make us all unique, however, parents and children have some of the same DNA markers.

A DNA test is a non-intrusive procedure usually utilizing an oral swab from all parties, which then follows a specific chain of custody process in which the oral swab specimens are sent to a certified and accredited AABB laboratory. The Laboratory that analyzes the DNA specimen and provides the results. DNA test results are 99.9% accurate.

How to schedule a DNA Test?

Getting your DNA testing procedure started is fast and easy.  Simply walk into our office located at 240 commercial street in the north end or call us at 617-977-5615 and we will schedule the appointment with each available party. Once the results are received from the AABB laboratory Smart Test will forward the results by email and U.S Mail (Hard Copy) to all authorized parties.

How long does it take for DNA test results? 

Once all parties have completed the DNA test collection, the specimens are immediately sent to the certified AABB laboratory and results are usually available in approximately 5 business days.

On-Site/Mobile DNA Testing

We come to you!  Smart Test can provide on-site/mobile DNA testing at your home, office, hospital or other location. (Additional on-site fees may apply)

For more information or to schedule your DNA test call us today 617-977-5615!