Smart Test understands the need for post-accident testing be performed quickly and accurately. At Smart Test, you will get a fast post-accident drug test and alcohol test on neat, legible testing forms. Our state-of-the-art facility was designed for testing efficiently. This, along with our sole focus on drug and alcohol testing, means that every single test we perform is accomplished quickly, professionally and compliantly.

Accidents are trying events. Any party involved in an accident deserves the benefit of a fast post-accident test so they can get on with the rest of their day. DOT rules, such as those of FMSCA (motor carrier), require that DOT post-accident testing be accomplished promptly after an accident. Smart Test will make sure we help you perform your tests in compliance with all DOT regulations, including those pertaining to the timeliness of post-accident testing.

NON DOT Post Accident

If your organization has a drug free workplace policy, please refer to the specific requirements listed in your policy. Some examples of NON DOT post accident testing include a urine drug test and/or breath alcohol test. When making a decision on post accident testing it is our recommendation to always refer to your drug free workplace policy for guidance.

DOT Post Accident

A post-accident drug test should be conducted within 32 hours of the accident for the drug test and within 8 hours when administering a breath alcohol test. When a post-accident drug test cannot be conducted within the window of detection period, it is still important to have a drug or alcohol test conducted at the earliest possible time.

Why Is Post Accident Testing Important?

Post-accident testing is an important tool when attempting to determine employee impairment on the job or when challenging a workers compensation claim or unemployment compensation case.

Any employer who conducts post-accident testing should ensure that post-accident drug testing is part of the companies written drug free workplace policy and all employees are fully aware the post-accident drug testing will be conducted in accordance with the company’s drug testing policy.

NON DOT Post-accident testing can be a 5 panel, 10 panel or 12 panel screen and testing methods include urine, hair, oral fluid and blood.

Drug test screening groups commonly used are a 5 panel, 10 panel and 12 panel drug test,(panels specify how many drugs will be screened), however customized screening can be analyzed for drugs such as opiates, bath salts, synthetic cannabinoids and a wide range of prescription drugs.

Many States encourage employers to be a drug free workplace and several States provide a discount on workers compensation premiums, if the business owner is certified as a drug free workplace and the drug testing program complies with State law.

A drug testing specimen which has an initial positive result will be sent for additional testing through a screening process called a confirmation test, once the confirmation test has been completed a final result will be reported.

In most cases a drug test result by the laboratory will be sent to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for review and verification and in the event that the result is positive the MRO will attempt to contact and interview the donor to determine if there is any lawful or legitimate reason why the specimen has an illegal drug or prescription drug in the donors system.

Drug testing is a valuable tool for employers who wish to maintain a drug free workplace environment and State and Federal courts have consistently upheld the rights of the employer to be a drug free workplace and take disciplinary action when an employee has a positive drug test.

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