Random Drug Test

Random Testing

Many companies conduct pre employment drug testing but do not implement a random testing program to deter drug use once an employee is hired.  Although pre employment drug testing is a great tool a robust drug testing program should have some type of random testing component as a part of a company’s drug free workplace program. Company’s with random drug and alcohol testing programs enjoy effective deterrence from on-the-job drug abuse and alcohol misuse. The Department of Transportation (USDOT) is so concerned about the safety issues related to illegal drug use and alcohol misuse that it requires all regulated employers to be enrolled in a random drug testing program and random alcohol testing program.  Listed below are the current random testing rates as required by each DOT agency.  

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2019 DOT Random Testing Rates

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  [FMCSA]  

25% Drugs  10% Alcohol

Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] 25% Drugs  10% Alcohol

Federal Railroad Administration [FRA]

25% Drugs- Covered Service  10% Alcohol – Covered Service

50% Drugs – Maintenance of Way *

25% Alcohol- Maintenance of Way *

Federal Transit Administration [FTA]

50% Drugs  10% Alcohol

Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration [PHMSA]

50% Drugs  N/A Alcohol

United States Coast Guard  [USCG] (with the Dept. of Homeland Security)

50% Drugs N/A Alcohol

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